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Assembling lens Canon A1000

Compatible models lenses :

Lens Digital Camera Canon A1000

Lens Digital Camera Canon A1100

Lens Digital Camera Canon A3000

Lens Digital Camera Canon A3100

Lens Digital Camera Canon A3150

Lens Digital Camera Canon E1



When assembling, disassembling digital cameras even masters sometimes have difficulties . These problems are easy to fix, but nobody wants to disassemble and reassemble the machine several times. The situation with the lens Canon A1000 series occurs when the lens mount screws during assembly screws are screwed into place landing.

Realize that there is not screwed only after mounting the lens on the metal substrate - after connecting cables. And retry ...

This can be avoided - just need to understand that under the screws of the lens itself cost tags . They look like triangles , sagging on the back cover , and indicate its tip in place screwing screws lens assembly . Easy to remember - it's hard to forget.

Use this knowledge - and you do not have to disassemble and reassemble the lens several times.

I also want to draw your attention to correct installation of the main board before bolting - do it with an open battery cover - then opening the lid sensor insert properly .

The device does not turn on a faulty backlight - Accession display when you turn on the test - is necessary.



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