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This store is designed for digital camera repair technicians. He certainly has a commercial basis, but is supervised by working masters. You can ask any question about the delivery of any parts for digital cameras. All that is indicated on the site from the spare parts is strictly in stock, taking into account the quantity ordered and ready for immediate shipment. The quality of the details is different. From the original parts of the service centers, to the copies of Chinese factories. But they all fulfill their purpose - they are in working order.

If you want to repair your own camera - we can help in this. However, we draw your attention to the fact that the repair of digital cameras is indeed a difficult profession and nothing simple in it. But sometimes we can not overcome the craving for the destruction of our own property, and we understand this. Our recommendations - do not try to repair anything in your own digital camera, except to replace the display. Even this procedure can irretrievably and prematurely send your property into the disassembly box! In the event of a breakdown of another kind - contact a specialized workshop. However, if you decide to still try to fix your camera, remember - the main thing - accuracy and attention.

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