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How to protect your camera from sand.

Today, in the hands of almost every person who goes for a walk, on vacation , on holiday or on a journey , you can see the digital camera. This article is intended for people who are after a well spent time do not want to get an unexpected problem - the camera no longer included , no sharpness , blurred images and fix damage to multiple on and off the device does not work.


To begin with , I can recommend to stock up on a few plastic bags with zipper . This package does not pass water , dust, and help protect equipment from moisture and debris. Sometimes it is only a grain of sand - and you get a broken digicam . Often self- repair such damage is not possible. Mechanic digital cameras, even the most budget models - complex design . A single extraction , and sometimes not the only sand - it does not work one hour a specialist with the right skills . If you put your camera in a sealed plastic bag - he will bring calm and the beach and rain .

Miniature modern digital models can be conveniently stored and transported in hard covers, matched in size. This will help in mild shock, pressure sensitive . Fully protect against sand this case can not , therefore, be useful sealed baggie . After using the camera need to put it in a bag and then later in the case.

However, the most important thing - it's your action after hitting sand. You can just drop a digital camera in the sand on the beach, leave it on a towel after bathing and discover that the wind or passing by people filled your pet sand. If after the first inclusion shows that the unit is clogged - gnashing not completely checked out of the lens , the lack of field at any zoom position - no need to include it again and again. Polyethylene structural material of the lens , it is very easily damaged by sand. If you continue to try to fix the problem , or the inclusion of multiple use the camera with clear evidence of sand get inside the lens - you can completely " dolman " lens . And repairs will be only possible from its complete replacement. Therefore, accept the fact that you can no longer take pictures until the repairs and their property.

I want to clarify that this type of electronics is a very significant part of the mechanical and handling of digital camera should be neat . Keep your camera - and it will retain important and joyful moments of life for you .

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Date: Saturday, 17 December 2011