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LTM flex cable for camcorder Sony HDR-HC1 FP-031

LTM flex cable for camcorder Sony HDR-HC1 FP-031
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Model: Sony Handycam HDR-HC1
Part number Sony: 1-867-811-12, 186781112, 1-867-811-11, 186781111
FP031 FP-031- marking flex

Condition - OEM copy, new.

Spare parts for camcorders.
Flex cable for Sony Handycam HDR-HC1 is used to solve these problems:
* Camera not included.
* There is no recording.

When changing the rations required.
To repair your camcorder requires qualification. Self-replacement ribbon mechanism LPM - impossible.

You buy a spare part as in the photo.

flex cable Sony Sony Handycam HDR-HC1 Handycam HDR-HC1 HDR HC1 1-867-811-12 186781112 1-867-811-11 186781111 FP031 FP-031

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