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LCD Praktica 1100 Z DPix digital camera Full

LCD Praktica 1100 Z DPix digital camera Full
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Model: Praktica 1100 Z DPix
Part number Praktica:
Specification: 2.5 inch (6.4 cm) TFT 150 000 dots

304000129A - marking flex
td025theea - marking display
1891000130-GP - marking display

LCD Praktica 1100 Z DPix digital camera Full
Display for the camera Praktica 1100 ZDPix.
This product is classified as spare parts for the camera.
Display for Praktica 1100 ZDPix is used to eliminate the following faults:
* Replace your Camera scratched, broken, damaged or cracked LCD Display Screen with new one.
* Does not work screen.
* White display 1100 Z DPix.
* Missing image on the display.
* Frustrated by the display.

In most cases, replacement of the screen does not require soldering.
For the repair of your camera needs qualification. So if you are not confident in their abilities - entrust this work to professionals. However, to replace a broken screen and you can own. This will greatly reduce the cost of repairs.
How to change the display? Required accuracy and the ability to understand the repair manual (in English). If necessary, can send a manual for repair on this model.

LCD screen display Praktica LCD Praktica 1100 ZDPix 304000129A td025theea 1891000130-GP

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