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The big game of online casinos

"No game without rules" - with this slogan local gambling halls advertise their legality. They put on a clean slate and present themselves as responsible institutions. Numerous online casinos also advertise their offerings with similar slogans. But even without an exemplified responsibility, many providers on the Internet cannot complain about insufficient popularity. All of them you will find at website.

The run on online casinos is booming - in India and all over the world. The question that arises again and again is how legal is gambling on the World Wide Web. It is not uncommon for the fairness of online casinos to be questioned. The following guide does away with the myths about gambling and presents the advantages and disadvantages.

How legal is gambling?

The question of the legality of gambling on the Internet does not only concern players in India. In recent years, various courts including the Federal Administrative Court (BVG) in Leipzig have dealt with the question.

In fact, most providers of games of chance are based in other European countries. You benefit from the EU-wide regulation on economic freedom and can thus offer your offers throughout the European Union - and therefore also legally in India. You are in a legal gray area, but as a customer there is no penalty for participating in gambling.

How serious is gambling?

The competition between online casinos is enormous. In order to win the favor of the customers for themselves, the providers advertise with ever larger jackpots and chances of winning. This inevitably raises the question of how serious internet gambling is.

A trustworthy online casino can be recognized by various features. The few providers registered in India can therefore be recommended without hesitation, as they comply with national law. The casinos that have a license from a neighboring European country are just as trusting. In order to stand out from the competition, numerous companies cooperate with organizations for player protection or data security.

This cooperation with renowned authorities and test laboratories is one of the requirements that must be met in order to obtain a gaming license for the EU. On the one hand, this means that the fairness of the games is maintained, as the random number generators are checked at regular intervals. The payment rates of the providers are also checked and certified.

The best sign of a reputable provider is customer service that is actually available. If no contact portal is visible on the website, it is likely that the provider is not trustworthy.

Can you also play with your smartphone in the online casino?

In many Internet casinos you can also play on the go on your mobile phone, although you usually don't even need a special app download. As a rule, most casino sites can be accessed via the browser app on the mobile device. It is also standard nowadays that you can conveniently deposit money using your smartphone. Your favorite games can also be played on the train or on the bus via casino apps.

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