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Personal Office of Betting Broker Parimatch

Every player at the famous bookmaker Parimatch is obliged to have a personal page on the official website. It allows full control of the betting game. This process is not complicated and takes a little time, although it takes several steps. Of course, Parimatch login to the personal account can only registered users. Below we will tell you what functions you will be able to perform once you have registered and logged in to the website.

Login to the site

Only adult residents can open a personal account with the official bookmaker. To do that, go to the website, at the top you will immediately see a bright yellow button "Registration". You need to enter your name, date of birth, phone number, email and come up with a password. Then follow the instructions.

The second step is verification. For the bookmaker, it takes place remotely, because there are no ground offices in 2021. Scan your documents.

Congratulations! Now you can log in to Parimatch, and then fully manage your account. Remember to reread the rules of the game and write down your login details.

Parimatch private office features

A private page will allow you to perform a number of essential functions. Firstly, you have to deposit the game balance in order to play. Secondly, you are sure to withdraw your winnings in the future. And, of course, you will only be able to control the entire gaming process once you are logged in. Your account history and betting information will be available to you. Also, you can change some of the settings. For example, the format of odds.

By the way, there are several ways to use your account. From a personal computer, players can access the full version of the page, you can also log in from your smartphone. If you have an older phone, then the mobile version of the site will suit you. On modern gadgets, it is better to install special applications. They work faster and use the traffic more economically. By the way, statistics show that already half of all bets are placed by phone, not by PC.

What should you do if you cannot log in?

If you are trying to log in, but receive an error, it is very likely that you have not entered the data correctly.

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