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Flat strategy in sports betting

The flat is suitable for beginners and perpetual losers. This strategy helps to postpone the inevitable.

Betting in a bookmaker's office parimatch log in using the flat strategy, you can lose at least 20 times in a row and save more than half of the bank. But making a profit isn't easy either. In this article, we'll break down what a flat strategy is, its types, as well as three other bankroll management schemes.

Flat strategy in sports betting

Flat strategy is a strategy of playing with a fixed amount of bets. The size of the bet remains unchanged at a predetermined distance regardless of the odds of the event and the size of the bank.

"The Championship recommends that you stake no more than 2% of your initial deposit.

It is difficult to receive considerable profit when using the flat betting system. But in case you lose even a few bets in a row, you will save the most of the bank.

Types of Flat Betting Strategies

There are four basic types of flat sports betting strategies:

Pluses and minuses of the different types of flat strategy.

The static flat allows stretching the playing process over a long distance. Playing with this strategy, it is difficult to increase the bank size by at least 20%.

The strategy of a fixed percentage of the bank allows minimizing losses during a long series of failures and vice versa allows increasing profits in case of several victories.

A flat-oversize strategy requires a large bankroll in order to be able to win back in case of several consecutive losses.

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